Past Tournaments:


Thank you to everyone who supported the 2016 effort.



third Place

Bob Kench – Vision Systems

Steve Lehman – Vision Systems

Fourth Place 

Kevin Spenla – Dang Brother Pizza

David Ricardo – Dang Brother Pizza

First Place

Mike Somers – DPR Construction

Jay Leopold – DPR Construction

second Place 

Mike Hill – DPR Construction

Rudy Olaguez – DPR Construction




At the 2015 Cornhole Tournament, we were able to raise and donate $18,000 to benefit undeserved youth  through the San Diego Art Institute Education Program and children with autism in San Diego through the Autism Tree Project Foundation.


2015 Placings

Third Place

Emilio Armenta – Anning Johnson Co.

Sergio Nunez – Anning Johnson Co.

Fourth Place

John Cole – DPR Construction

Elwyn Pompei – DPR Construction


Paul McParlane – McParlane & Assoc.

 Rick Lines – DPR Construction

Second Place

Bob Bridges – Sherwood Mechanical

Mitch Roberts – Sherwood Mechanical